#Freedom IRC Rules

Rules huh? You have rules? I thought you were about #freedom?

Yes, we have rules, as I mentioned on the home page we have rules to maintain order and peace

So what are these rules?

    1. Keep it legal. This should go without saying, but please be sure to follow the laws of your country as well as the laws of the United States and the United Kingdom when talking in the channel. Breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban as well as possible reporting to the authorities, depending on the severity of the offense.Examples: linking to kiddie porn, sharing pirated stuff, advocating terrorism, links to buy illegal or regulated drugs…basically anything that would attract unwanted attention from the authorities.
    2. No spamming or flooding. This should go without saying. No one likes spamming or flooding, so just don’t do it. Flooding is quickly sending messages (manually or automatically) and spamming is sending unwanted messages to the channel, especially those advertising other channels or websites.)
    3. Label your links if they are controversial, gross, or NSFW. If its gore, label it. If its nudie or pr0n, label it. If it could get someone at work in trouble with their boss, label it.
    4. No causing drama. This one is a bit more difficult to explain. Basically, do not simply talk about things that no one wants to hear about, such as harassment towards a single user in the channel or just being mean to everyone for no reason.Examples: hate speech, pointless rants or arguments in general that nobody else is interested in.
    5. Harassment is not allowed, but it’s more than just being annoying or talking about something you don’t like. If a user is annoying you, but isn’t being openly hostile or aggressive, you should just ignore them (possibly by using the ignore command), and hostility should be reported to staff and is punishable.If you want to stop seeing someone else’s typing, please consult for instructions
    6. Channel staff reserve the right to issue directives at any time in good faith to preserve order and harmony in the channel, and these directives must be obeyed at all times. Staff are responsible for any orders they give, so if you get an order you think is inappropriate, appeal it with the rules.For the sake of accountability, such directives must be issued in public. Directives issued anywhere else are null and void.
    7. Users will be punished for breaking the rules:First offense: Warning. User is warned about the misconduct and asked to stop.Second offense: Kick. User is kicked as a temporary punishment, and is free to return.Third and later offenses: Ban. User is banned until such time, if any, channel staff decide as a group to remove it.NOTE: Obvious troublemakers are subject to an immediate ban at the discretion of staff.
    8. Decisions made by staff regarding directives, kicks,
      and bans may be appealed *once* to each higher rank in
      order, according to the list below. Such decisions can
      only be reversed by the staff making the decision, or
      by higher ranked staff, not by other staff of the same

      • Decisions made by halfops can be appealed first to operators, then to administrators, and finally to the founder.
      • Decisions made by operators can be appealed first to administrators, then to the founder.
      • Decisions made by administrators can be appealed to the founder.
      • Decisions made by the founder are final.

      We do not accept third party appeals. Only the
      person affected by a decision can appeal it.

    9. Staff kicking and banning users for reasons outside of the rules will NOT be tolerated, if you feel you got kicked or banned for a reason that is not covered by these rules, contact another staff member to dispute it, punishments will be given to staff who violate this rule.
    10. Staff are not exempt from the rules, however staff discipline is the job of higher ranked staff, not users. If you think staff are being inappropriate, report it to a superior staff and let them handle it, instead of starting drama in channel about it.
    11. Ban evasion will NOT be tolerated, at all. Anyone caught evading a ban will have their ban extended, or possibly made permanent.

    Ok, What is allowed?

    Now that you have learned the things that are not welcome, you’re probably wondering what things are allowed and welcome!

    • Roleplay is allowed unless they break any of the rules. Roleplay is allowed and welcome, but if they cause drama or if a sufficient number of active users request, you may be asked to take your RP somewhere else.
    • No discrimination will be made based on gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, location, age, or any other characteristic that is beyond one’s control (unless there is a case in which the ops of the channel are obligated to for one reason or another). Administrators will never kick or ban a user based on anything he or she cannot change. This obviously does not cover causing drama or spamming as these are things that are voluntary.
    • General discussion is fine, too. This is not an RP-only channel, so feel free to talk about almost anything, so long as it does not cause issues.
    • IRC Bots are also fine with us. If you want to join your bot, then go ahead! As long as it behaves, no one will complain. OPs reserve the right to remove a bot if it is causing an issue or disrupting the channel. If you leave, please take your bot with you.
    • Sharing NSFW content is fine as well. You may share NSFW content in the form of URLs, but PLEASE mark them as NSFW. You should also mention if NSFW content is questionable. Just to be safe, please assume any link to be NSFW. This means do not click or open the link in any place of work, educational facility, or as a general rule: in any public place. Disturbing/NSFW links may be posted. Please be wary of what links you click on so you don’t end up with viruses or mental/emotional scars.