Welcome to the official website of AnthroChat’s #freedom!

What is #freedom?

#freedom is an IRC channel that is on the AnthroChat network. Its purpose is to create a place for furries to gather and chat. This channel is also free from op prejudice. What this means is that no one is banned or kicked from the channel for a reason they cannot control. This means, no one will ever be kicked for being of a certain religion, race, age, sex, gender, or sexual orientation, among other things.

OK, How do I join?

Please see the Connect page

Do you have any rules?

Unfortunately to keep things civil we have to have some rules, please look at our Rules page

Who runs #freedom?

Who runs #freedom? Please see the Staff page

What about our history?

We do not have a full history written up yet, but when we do it will be on our History page